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14th National Show

October 29, 1994
Detroit, Michigan
Judge: Sam Royall
American Pit Bull Terriers ~ 63 entries

Male Puppy 'PR' Fitzgerald's Tonka The Tuff, Christopher & Derek Mullen
Junior Male Motor City's Blue Harley, Sean Flannery
Senior Male Motor City's Axle, Mark Bouey
Veteran Male no entry
Female Puppy Little Oaks Am-A-Bag O'Joy, Walter & June Pasko
Junior Female White Rock Tuffer Than Taffy, Lora Bauer
Senior Female Somersets Lil Miss Dangerous, Charlene Monske
Veteran Female Rowdytown's American Justice, Thomas Francis
Best Male Motor City's Axle
Best Female Little Oaks Am-A-Bag O'Joy
Best Of Winners Motor City's Axle
Champion Of Champions CH Gaff's California Zima, Pam Carter
National Grand Champion GR CH 'PR' Larum's Stormin Norman, Ron Sacca

Thank you, Walt Pasko, for providing the NAPBTA site with these results!

October 29, 1994
Detroit, Michigan
Judge: Lonnie Olson
High APBT In Trial Zeena's Black Witch of Howard B, owned by Howard Burgess & Beth Dymek
This dog earned her first U-CD leg in Novice A, with a score of 191 1/2
I believe there were two other APBTs that same day also that qualified.

Thank you, Howard Burgess for providing the NAPBTA site with the Obedience results!

U.K.C. Top Ten Final Standings for 1994

American Pit Bull Terrier
01.NGRCH GRCH 'PR' Larum's Stormin Norman

Ronald J Sacca


02.GRCH Blue Moon Turn On The Red Light

Beth Jones


03.GRCH 'PR' Pakutsi Of Wind's Ca.

Michael Garcia


04.CH Gaff's California Zima

Pam Carter


05.GRCH 'PR' Sackett's Ca. Butch

Bret Sackett


06.UCD GRCH 'PR' Daffi 'n Amigo

Maria Smith


07.GRCH Larum's Knowlwood Chrome

Robyn Bennett and Michael Johnson


08.GRCH Fantasy's Royal Rebel

Roy Royal and Gloria Royal


09.CH Todd's Brutus M.R.T.S.

Mitchell R Todd


10.CH 'PR' E William's Steel Spike

Eric Williams


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