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Vice President - Beth Jones
Secretary - Mary Minshall
Treasurer - Patti Murley

15th National Show

October 7, 1995
Chino, California
Judge: Jean Murray
American Pit Bull Terriers ~ 101 entries

Male Puppy 'PR' Digger's Thor, John Hay
Junior Male Heinzl 001 Pirata, Hector Becerra
Senior Male Showtime's Blue Steel Flash, Terry Brooks & Sam Bradley
Veteran Male Mighty Joe Young O'Eurythmic, Gary & Darla Smith
Female Puppy ~ Dog's name needed
Junior Female 'PR' Calif's Lion Queen Simba, Charlene Cervantez
Senior Female 'PR' Showdown's Little Bit Crazy, Robert Phipps
Veteran Female 'PR' Wetzel's Amber-Lite Ms Rea, Larry & Lynda Wetzel
Best Male Heinzl 001 Pirata
Best Female 'PR' Wetzel's Amber-Lite Ms Rea
Best Of Winners Heinzl 001 Pirata
Champion Of Champions CH CNC's Bull Rock's Blue Baron, George & Denise Arceo
Grand Champion GR CH 'PR' Jerico's Dream Weaver, Eileen & Milton Green
Best of Breed GR CH 'PR' Jerico's Dream Weaver

OBEDIENCE ~ 18 entries
Judge: Yvonne Vernimme

Novice B: Montana, Rottweiler, Sheila & Rick Phillips
Open B: U-UD CH 'PR' Zal's Prince Nikolas, AE, Pamela Neil
Utility A: U-CDX Noble Pete, APBT, Lisa Noble & Leif Storehr
High In Trial: Montana

Thank you, Walt Pasko, for providing the NAPBTA site with these results!

U.K.C. Top Ten Final Standings for 1995
American Pit Bull Terrier
01.NGRCH GRCH 'PR' Larum's Stormin Norman

Ronald J Sacca


02.GRCH River Run's Wailin' Wille

Beth Jones or Jennifer Grider


03.GRCH Ashe's Strit Naughty By Nature

Tina Marie Herbert


04.GRCH 'PR' Mad Knucklehead Tim of Boris

D Omer Owen


05.GRCH Gaffs Ca. Navarros Ceasar Jr. Two

Frank S. Navarro


06.GRCH Candy's Azumah

Norman Watts


07.CH 'PR' Calderons Dynasty's Sable

Roger Calderon and Robyn Bennett


08.GRCH Mabbot's Chief Black Bear

Michael P. Neil


08.CH Cnc's Bull Rock's Blue Baron

George Arceo or Denise Arceo


10.NGRCH GRCH 'PR' Jericho's Dream Weaver

Eileen J. Green or Milton Green


10.CH Calderons Red Sonia

Roger Calderon or Lisa Calderon


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