President - Don Wimmer
Vice President - Arnold Tennant
Secretary - Karyn Dawes
Treasurer - Beth Jones

20th National Show

September 30, 2000
Denton, TX
Judge: Sandy Comer
American Pit Bull Terriers ~ 37 entries

Male Puppy 'PR' Bon Temps Langniappe, Dan Crutchfield
Junior Male 'PR' Le Vasseur's Rebel Bayou, Richard Le Vasseur & Kelly Le Vasseur
Senior Male Chaingangs Blu Frost Tin Man, M Dela Garza-Holbeche
Veteran Male Tejas' Golden Moon Beau, Richard E Hughes
Breeder/Handler Male 'PR' P Bar K's As Good As It Gets, Kimberly Huysmans
Best Male 'PR' P Bar K's As Good As It Gets
Reserve Best Male 'PR' Bon Temps Langniappe
Female Puppy 'PR' Bon Temps Melodie Acadienne, Dan Crutchfield
Junior Female 'PR' Arkay's Sweet Polly Purebred, Ruth Kramer
Breeder/Handler Female 'PR' P Bar K's Here's Your Trouble, Kimberly Huysmans
Best Female'PR' P Bar K's Here's Your Trouble
Reserve Best Female 'PR' Arkay's Sweet Polly Purebred
Best Of Winners 'PR' P Bar K's As Good As It Gets
Champion Of Champions CH 'PR' PbarK Mad Kity of Heron Fls, Kimberly Huysmans
Reserve Champion of Chs CH UCDX Big Mike's Cutie Pie, Michael J Snyder
National Grand Champion NGRCH GRCH 'PR' Blue Moon's She's Just A Memory, Beth Jones
Best of Breed NGRCH GRCH 'PR' Blue Moon's She's Just A Memory

Non-Licensed Classes

Junior Showmanship ~ 2 entries
Junior: Kassi Huysmans
Senior: Cheilynn Clark
Best Junior Handler: Cheilynn Clark

Obedience ~ 42 entries
High In Trial: Classic's Jukebox Jingle, 199
High APBT In Trial: CH UCDX Big Mike's Cutie Pie, 189

1st) Gemrose Mirage V Olympia, Doberman Pinscher, Kelly A Ronden, 192.5
2nd) Fraulein Gretchen Prachtig, German Shepherd Dog, Julie Lessick, 189.5
3rd) Listed entry

1st) Classic's Jukebox Jingle, Shetland Sheepdog, Peggy L Phelps, 199
2nd) Camoflage's Christmas Tales, Golden Retreiver, Kathleen J Becker & Ronna Combs, 195.5
3rd)Classic's Kiss Me I'm Kate, Shetland Sheepdog, Darlene Schermerhorn, 194
4th)Buster's Buddy Junior, Pug, Robin Romig & Russell J Romig, 193
(there were qualifiers but since they were not APBTs I have decided not to list them -shana)

1st) UCD Shusters Double Feature, Doberman Pinscher, Myra Grosbach, 196.5
2nd) UCD Finca's Frisky Kodiak Bear, Australian Shepherd, Darlene Schermerhorn, 194
3rd) UCD Telke, Ambor, Stephanie Leseur

1st) UCD Silver Dust Cast A Spell, Shetland Sheepdog, Kevin Micue & Melanie Micue, 192
2nd) CH UUD HR Texas Gold Camoflage Delta, Golden Retreiver, Ronna Combs & Terry Combs
3rd) CH UCDX Big Mike's Cutie Pie, American Pit Bull Terrier, Michael J Snyder, 189
4th) UUD Elvie, Ambor, Cheryl Etheridge, 186
UAGII UUD CH 'PR' Columbia River Penina Muumu, American Pit Bull Terrier, Michael J Snyder, 185.5
UCDX Bulldozer, American Pit Bull Terrier, Karyn M Dawes, 184.5
UCDX HR Vanreel's Keeper of the Dream, Golden Retreiver, Rita S Robins, 178

1st) UCDX Lynbrook's Texas Razzmtazz, Labrador Retreiver, Susan M Dyer, 194
2nd) UUD Elvie, Ambor, Cheryl Etheridge, 189.5

U.K.C. Top Ten Final Standings for 2000

American Pit Bull Terrier
01.GRCH 'PR' Winds CA 357 Magnum

Windy O'Donnell or Skip Miller


02.GRCH Brytess Strick's Go 4 Your Guns

Cheryl L Larum


03.GRCH 'PR' Sue's It's Ms Red to You

Sue Phillips


04.GRCH 'PR' Gaff's Strick's Classy Lil Vanna

Ronald J Sacca and Pam Carter


05.GRCH 'PR' Heron Falls Chase N Fame

Michael Brannan and Patti Brannan


06.GRCH 'PR' Calderon's Sundance Kid

Roger Calderon and Lisa Calderon


07.GRCH Luna's Gaff Luscious Sable

George Luna or Rosa Coleman


08.NGRCH GRCH 'PR' Blue Moons She's Just A Memory

Beth Jones


09.GRCH 'PR' Baytown's Handsome Samson

Shawn Jones


10.NGRCH GRCH 'PR' Marauder's Meteor

Suzanne Danielle


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