Breed Specific Legislation
This page is for current BSL & links
To see BSL by State please click here

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Dani Alexander has prepared a BSL packet which is now available for people looking to get active in their community. Click here for the Word Document

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**How you can help with the weekly updates**

If you live in or near an area where BSL has been proposed, it would be a tremendous help if you could call the city clerk for updates on city council meetings and/or the status of any proposed ordinance!!

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NAIA (National Animal Interest Alliance)

EBA (Endangered Breeds Association)

ADOA (American Dog Owners Association)

The NAPBTA BSL Chairperson: Karyn Dawes

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Letters to Officials

You can find 3 different form letters, from simple to detailed, that can be modified and sent to the above officials at Please voice your polite and respectful opposition to breed specific legislation!


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