National Grand Champion winners (by year)

Pic Coming 2011

To Be Announced on Oct 1st 2011

Pic Needed 2010

NBOB, NGRCH UWP GRCH "PR" Legacy 1 Raven Soaring Aztlan

Owned by: information needed

Bred by: information needed

Pic Needed 2009

NBOB, NGRCH UWP GRCH "PR" Sweetooth Larum's Amazing  Autumn

Owned by: information needed

Bred by: information needed

Photo by Pangraff

NBOB NGRCH UWP GRCH Cali Girl's Can U Stand The Reign

Owned by Rebecca Harris
Bred by Rebecca Harris

This dog is the daughter of the 2005 National BOB/Grand. They are the only mother/daughter National BOB/Grands. She is also the 1st dog to win National BOB/Grand and Total Dog with weight pull

Photo by Pangraff

NBOB NGRCH GR CH PR BluPrints Tiny Terror

Owned by Apryl Hall and Ron Ow
Bred by Apryl Hall

Photo by 2MC Design

NGRCH GRCH 'PR' Larum's Too Hot To Handle Hattie

Owned by Stephanie Cornejo & Francisco Robles
Bred by Cheryl Larum

Photo by Valerie Piltz

UWP NBOB NGRCH GRCH ‘PR’ Cali Girl's Gone Wild CGC

Owned by Rebecca Harris
Bred by Angel Serrano

UKC's Youngest APBT Grand Champion @ 7 months & 2 days, mother of the 2008 National BOB/Grand

Photo by Daniel Rodriguez

NGRCH GRCH 'PR' Legacy's O Malosi Aua

Owned by Joshua Del Prado & Ed Thomason
Bred by Daniel Rodriguez - Rabmag Kennels

Photo by Valerie Piltz

NGRCH GRCH Royal Court's Hearts On Fire

Owned by Showstar Kennels and Ken & Diane Guilmette
Bred by Ken and Diane Guilmette

Also was the 2002 National Champion Winner

Photo Sara Nugent

NGRCH GRCH PR Gaff's Stricks Classy Lil Vanna

Owned by Ronald Sacca and Pam Carter
Bred by Pam Carter

Photo Valerie Plitz

NGRCH GRCH Shadytown Gemini Neo D Shark

Owned by Beth Lloyd or Christine Johnson
Bred by Shannon and Christine Johnson

Photo Mary Happel
2000 & 1999

Dual NGRCH GRCH 'PR' Blue Moons She's Just A Memory CGC TT

Owned by Beth Jones
Bred by Joe Terrazas and Beth Jones

Photo Valerie Plitz

NGRCH GRCH PR Larum's Hustlin Hercules

Owned by Mike Contla
Bred by Cheryl Larum

Photo Valerie Plitz

NGRCH GRCH PR Allen's Creeksides Chantilly

Owned by Patti Allen-Miller
Bred by Milissa Hodges & Steven Piceno

Photo Valerie Plitz


Owned by Dina Marie Sanchez
Bred by Suzanne Danielle

Photo Valerie Plitz

NGRCH GRCH PR Jericho's Dream Weaver

Owned by Eileen & Toby Green
Bred by _________


NGRCH GR CH 'PR' Larum's Stormin Norman

Owned by Ron Sacca
Bred by Cheryl Larum

Submitted by Marco Prado

NGRCH GRCH Rowdytown Rainbo Warrior

Owned by Lauraine Rodgers
Bred by Jerry & Gigi Rooney


NGRCH GRCH U-CD Candy's Lil Starfire CGC OFA

Owned by Candace and Duane Eggert
Bred by Brian Williams

Submitted by Carrie M. Lee

NGRCH GRCH Rowdytown's Hardrock Cafe

Owned & Bred by Jerry & Gigi Rooney
Pictured winning the National title under Judge Sara Nugent

Photo Coming Soon1990

NGRCH GRCH Cheek's Knowlwood's Roxy

Owned by Benny and Marcella Cheek
Bred by _______________

Photo Janice Snyder

NGRCH GRCH PR Nevada Pits' Dexter

Owned by Clayton Bracy
Bred/Handled by Janice Snyder

Submitted by Pam R. Young

UKC's very first National Grand Champion


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